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Nestled in a quiet neighborhood just off Memorial Drive, Beer Can House has been a source of wonder and amusement for over three decades. This little clapboard bungalow has become known the world over, attracting countless visitors and curious onlookers. Here are some of their most asked questions.

Why did we do it?

"Well I think it might have been the good Lord says 'Nut, it's time for you to build this crazy stuff, so here I did, I built it.'" - John

What was his favorite beer?

"Whatever's on special" - John

What did his wife think?

"I thought he was off his rocker but I'm used to it now" - Mary

How many cans are there?

They [Ripley's Believe It or Not] tried counting them all and they just got tired of it; so I guess when they got to 50,000 they said "over 50,000"and forget about it. - Mary

Did he drink all those beers?

"No, I helped." - Mary

What did the neighbors think?

"Well, they think it's fine, at least that's what they say." - Mary

What does the house represent?

"I say it just represents saving beer cans." - John

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Beer can lid

The Beer Can House is a project of the Orange Show Center for Visionary Art.

Beer can lid

The Beer Can House is currently open for its Summer schedule, Wednesdays through Sundays from 12 to 5pm. For detailed information regarding hours and private rentals click here.

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