The handmade beauty of the Beer Can House surprises many first time visitors. The house and surrounding grounds change with the light throughout the day. Cans, bottles, marbles and metal trinkets adorn essentially every inch of the environment. The effect is magical, particularly in the early morning and late afternoon sunlight.

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Thumbnail: Detail of marbles embeded in wooden fence
Thumbnail: View of front of house before the applicaiton of beer cans
Thumbnail: Mary standing on doorstep before the use of beer cans
Thumbnail: Paving decoration in front of house
Thumbnail: John posing with crew of Southern Pacific Railroad
Thumbnail: Detail of sign
Thumbnail: Detail of wall using special Falstaff Bicentennial Cans
Thumbnail: View of south fence near driveway
Thumbnail: Wheelbarrow in front yard, view of planter details


Thumbnail: Mary near driveway in front of house
Thumbnail: detail of beer can curtain
Thumbnail: detail of glass bottle fence
Thumbnail: View of front of house
Thumbnail: Detail of individual beer can circles


Thumbnail: View of house at night.
Thumbnail: View of house from street

AIR Houston 2007

Thumbnail: Team Whiteboard discussing design of new Beer Can House in local coffee house

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Beer can lid

The Beer Can House is a project of the Orange Show Center for Visionary Art.

Beer can lid

The Beer Can House is currently open for its Summer schedule, Wednesdays through Sundays from 12 to 5pm. For detailed information regarding hours and private rentals click here.

Beer can curtains

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